The beginning of the journey


I have set up this blog today as a place to share my thinking and experience as I go from elearning novice to elearning professional.  There are probably lots of us in the world of post-compulsory and work-based education and training who need to get to grips with elearning, online and distance education.  I will share what I am doing, reading, researching, playing with and thinking about.

The header picture shows me in front of some giant waterlily pads.  I aim to hop across these towards elearning – hopefully I don’t fall in the water too many times, but you will help me out, won’t you?

I decided on the title The Elearning Apprentice as it reflects two important things.  Firstly, at least part of my several of my previous jobs has been managing the delivery of government-funded Apprenticeships.  Secondly, I see this as my apprenticeship into elearning as I hope to learn on-the-job from experts in the field.