MOOCing around

So I have just had my first go at a MOOC through Coursera.  It’s an introduction to financial accounting – not my usual field, but I have been reading about accounting and financial reporting recently so thought I would give it a try.Bookkeeping

The course is divided up into 10 weeks.  I can already pretty much guarantee that I will miss the deadline for this week’s homework because a) I work and don’t have much free time to devote to this; and b) there are lots of videos to get through and although the videos seem quite short, I have to either stop them or slow them down so that I can make notes (I like to make notes).  I am not sure what happens if you miss the deadline – presumably you don’t pass the course.

Each week seems to have a number of videos to get through.  I think I already mentioned in a previous blog how much I hate watching videos.  But actually the two videos I watched this evening were OK and the professor/presenter was personable and a bit fun.  More fun than I expected a professor of accounting to be!  There are about 7 more videos to watch this week – never going to happen!

There appear to be a huge number of forums associated with this course, and people seem to have been busy posting things.  But posting what?  What on earth can they have to say at this point?  I couldn’t bring myself to even start looking at the long list of discussions, so I can’t tell you.  But I wonder what the value of the discussion boards would be…

All in all, I enjoyed watching the videos and I learned a bit about accounting.  Or at least, what I saw today built on the recent reading I had been doing.  I was very glad I had read a book on business finance before I started, as I didn’t feel completely at sea with the terminology.

In fact, the later parts of the second video I watched started working through some maths based on accounting principles and I was completely chuffed that I managed to solve the problems!

Anyway, hearing about financial reporting has worn me out, so that’s it for today.