Locking the (virtual) classroom door

Next week I will start training a new group of employed management trainees – apprentices in fact.  We will meet for a workshop once a week until Christmas. I have been getting everything ready for them, including setting up their virtual classroom in Edmodo.

I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I got involved with using Edmodo for purely practical reasons:  some colleagues had been trialling it, and it is free – can’t get more of a bargain than that.  Edmodo is pretty simple to use from the back end and fairly appealing to learners as it resembles Facebook.  I will primarily be using it as a resource for learners to access links, electronic copies of training materials and extra materials and news I think they might enjoy such as news on management topics.

In anticipation of the new group, I have set them up a virtual classroom.  Edmodo generates a shortened URL and a group code learners use to join the group.  Once they have all joined, I can ‘lock’ the classroom so that it is a private space just for us.  I should point out that I don’t lock my students in classrooms in the real world!


I have started to set up a virtual library in their Edmodo classroom – useful websites (click throughs), generic course info for reference etc.  One of the joys of Edmodo is that, once you have added materials they are in your teacher’s library until you delete them; ditto folders created to organise those materials.  As this is the third group I have used this with, it means I have lots of pre-uploaded materials and ready-made folders I can share in just a few clicks – a great time saver!


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